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Critics Corner

.....This review is limited only to home delivery, we don't pickup or eat there.

Al's has the best Pizza we have found in our area. The pies we get are always very good and most of the time great. It does look like different cooks make them slightly different but we never got a pie that we were not happy with. Fries are great and delivered in a bag so they don't come soggy and everything else they delivery from Subs to Pasta has always been very good.

The delivery guys have been great also. Traffic from Al's to our house can be horrible but our wait time has never been bad and the deliveries always come hot.

.....The best pizza I've ever had. I've been going there for almost 20 years. Nothing really compares, even in NYC.

.....Al's food, service, and staff can all be summed up in one word......OUTSTANDING!

The pizzeria I have been going to all my life. Its a very family friendly small "community" type pizzeria where everyone knows everyone.

I never been disappointed here. Totally worth 5 stars!!

.....Always visiting family in this area and this is definitely some of the best pizza around. Had plain/pepperoni and onions with peppers. The crust is thin and crispy and the flavors were spot on.

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